Are you looking for Big Data Hadoop certification?

Published BY:Mark Putin

Published on 18-Jul-2017


If you are looking for a bright career ahead or if you are a tech enthusiast and are looking for top quality role in the area of analytics or information technology then certification is definitely for you. Numerous of jobs are going to get created in the upcoming future in this field. So if you haven’t yet enrolled for this course then quickly get it done straight away and start with this demanding certification course. This course is certainly going to offer value for money to all its professionals or students who are willing to enroll for the course.

Big Data Hadoop Certification Examination and its cost

 If you are willing to get CCA Spark and Hadoop developer examination and certification then you will need to know coding in Scala and Python and run it from any part of the world from your system to get the desired and effective results. If you are unaware of the format of the examination then below mentioned is an effective list through which the things can be done.

  • Question would be around 10 to 12
  • Time limit is around 2 hours and the passing score is 70%
  • Preferred language would be English
  • Big data hadoop certification cost would be around $295 and the course price depends upon where you have enrolled for the course

If you are thinking of any of the pre requisite that is required for the course then such people should understand that there are no such pre requisites required for enrolment of this certification course.

Are you unaware of the exam format of Big Data certification?

If you do not have any knowledge about the exam format of this examination then this section of the tutorial will make things clearer and easier for you. The exam format will require the professionals to solve the scenario that is offered to them. Any of the tools can be used and also coding is a necessary skill in such certification course. Now considering the fact that you are aware of the complete certification of the program so why not enroll on it on an instant basis and make things more clear.


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