Big Data Analytics Challenges and Opportunities

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Published on 11-Apr-2018


Storage as well as the retrieval or recovery of tremendous amount of organized and unorganized data at any desirable time is a big challenge that all the companies are facing these days. Some of these restrictions to deal with and process huge measure of information with the customary capacity methods prompted the development of the term Big Data. In spite of the fact that Big Data has picked up market attention because of the rise of the Internet, yet it can't be contrasted with it for sure. It is past the Internet, however, Web based services makes it less challenging to gather and offer knowledge and data in the very raw form. Big Data is all about how this collection of data can be stores, analysed handled, and understood with the end goal that it can be utilized for anticipating the future game-plan with an awesome accuracy and with the least time delay. 

Big data analytics challenges and opportunities

Here is a brief list of challenges and opportunities in Big Data Analytics-

  • Slow system development: There is a huge demand supply gap because the rate of increase in data is way faster than the processing systems that are in place. These storage systems are not capable enough to store the type of data being generated.
  • Time limits: The Big Data analyst needs to process the data in a given period of time because after certain time the value of the data decreases.
  • Lack of technical expertise: With the constant increase in amount of data which is being generated, there is a rising need for talent. The market demand for people with good data analytical skills in big data is on a high time rise.
  • Privacy and Security: With everything getting digitalized and huge as well as important information being kept over cloud poses a greater risk to the entire data security and also the intellectual property.
  • Streamlined Approach: The data analysis requires brainstorming from all the fronts. A good analysis require VOLUME, VELOCITY AND VARIETY to be taken  care of properly.

How big data courses important for managers?

The big data courses are important for managers because-

  • It helps them to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not
  • Have a working expertise of the challenges in business as well as to learn the strategic rewards of all the Big Data initiatives
  • Be cognizant in real world case studies to help their team or organization better.
  • Distinguish between the different types of the organizational structures for Big Data along with the Analytics teams, and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Learn what is really important and what are they supposed to look for in a Data Scientist
  • It will entrust managers with the balanced knowledge which is quite necessary to make flawless opinions and plan about the usage, resourcing, value and risks of Big Data ecosystem.


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