Big Data Certification from Microsoft

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Published on 30-May-2018


Microsoft big data certification and cost

As the organizations grow so does the data of these organizations and with ever increasing rate, the old tools to handle such voluminous data become obsolete. Here comes the importance of Big Data. The Big Data professionals analyze the value and truth of data. It won’t be an exaggeration if it is said that Big Data has become capital.

Microsoft has itself invested in large scale data analytics projects. There has been tremendous growth in the use of Big Data in the manufacturing sector, healthcare sector, education and Government, so has the demand of Big Data professionals.

The tech giant Microsoft knows the relevance of Big Data and in order to turn a naive into Big Data professional or if a professional wants to take one’s career to next level, one can do the Big Data Certification, the Microsoft offers Big Data Certification.

Microsoft is offering Big Data Certification and has number of certifications in Big Data. Some of the certifications are:

  • Analyze Big Data with Microsoft R.

  • Microsoft Azure Big Data Analytics Solutions

  • Big Data Engineering on Microsoft Cloud Services

  • MCSE: SQL data Platform Certification

  • Data Engineering on Microsoft HD insight.

  • Cloud Data Science with Machine Learning

With the Microsoft Big Data Certification, one is able to learn:

  • Analyze and visualize data.

  • Query Relational Data

  • Process Big Data at Rest

The learner will be able to orchestrate Big Data Workflows, process big data in motion, implement a data warehouse, build Big Data Analysis solutions.

You can choose from the various certification program based upon your need and may move to next level certification to add value to your learning and become a Big Data expert.

The demand of Big Data professionals is growing day by day and in the following years there will be huge demand. So, if you want to shift your career to Big Data expert or want to leverage your career to next level in Big Data, the Microsoft Big Data certification is going to add value to one’s career


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