Big Data to Encourage Better Management

Published BY:roshan woung

Published on 09-Apr-2018


Colleges are the place where students put a step forward for their career. It is not just the place to study but also a place to grow and develop. From the past few decades, the way of studying and managing things and events has been changed a lot. The new leaders are now looking for the new ideas and views to make college a better place. Now, the question arises is, why Big Data is relevant here? When a survey was done about the few top colleges or universities to study, the people looked for the data from the past decade. This data was the baseline for their survey and help them a lot in knowing, how the colleges has been improved during this time duration.

The data stored for every category related to students, management, courses, course duration, other extra curricular activities and events organized every year helps in getting an idea about how the college or the university has been progressed and also what are shortcomings , if progress is not there. So on this basis, the people doing survey get the most required help to decide and pass a survey of few top colleges. So Big Data plays an important role here. With the data in hand, one can find out where the development is need and where the things are perfect. Keeping the data and then doing the survey provides help in attaining few things :
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Professional management
  • Accountability Increases
With the earlier data, it can be analysed that when to stop the routine strict hierarchies and traditional ideas and to implement new ones with a broader perspective. So one can go for better things to take place with a bottom up approach.


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