Six Hot Big Data Certifications for 2018

Published BY:merry williams

Published on 05-Jun-2018


Certification plays an important and critical role in enhancing one’s skills. For Tech individual or IT professional, Certification plays a critical roles as it keep updating their skills according to the market needs.  There are numerous number of certification courses available in the market to suit the needs of the desired candidates. One such certification course which is quite popular among IT professional is Big Data.

Big Data is one of the most popular certification course available in the market.  People from various walks of life whether its IT professional, tech enthusiast and fresher are enrolling themselves into the courses. The sheer reason behind such rise in the enrollment of courses is mainly due to the hunt for the data scientist and analyst which having strong technique to analyze the big data.  New Professional does face problem while choosing the particular course and especially they feel about what could be the most popular Big data certification course for 2018.  Here’s are the list some of the most popular top big data certification course available.

Some of the courses for the Big Data available from cloudera are :

  • CCP Data Engineer Certification :

  • CCP Data Analyst Certification :

  • CCP Administrator Certification :

Big data Certification popular courses from Hortonworks ;

  • The Hortonworks Certified Associates ( HCA ) Certification.

  • The HDP Apache Spark Developer Certification.

  • The HDP certified Developer Big Data Hadoop Certification. 

Big Data Certifications From MapR

  • MapR Hadoop Developer Certification.

  • Map R Spark Developer certification.

IT professional always queries about regarding the most vital component of it i.e big data certification cost in India, Uk or USA. This is quite critical apart from choosing a particular course. The certification cost for the above course be in the range of $100 to $2500. Any one can enroll into the course depending upon the choice of the course and what’s the budget they can afford. In Indian rupees the course fee is between the range of  Rs 10,000 to few lakhs depending upon the particular course. In the case of Uk, the prices is all remain in the same range in terms of pound. There are numerous number of institutes in the world or across the India which helps in providing these courses. Any one has to just enroll in either of the institute after a proper search regarding authentication of the institute and the verification of the course. So, just be aware before enrolling in either of the courses whether those course is still in the demand and in accordance with your understanding.


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