Top 11 Big Data Certifications for Gateway to Successful Career

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Published on 04-Apr-2018


If you are looking to survive in today’s highly competitive market then quickly enroll for the Big Data certification and you can certainly find your career growing at a very rapid pace. So quickly go through the top 11 Big Data certifications available today and enroll in the one which fits best in your profile.

Cloudera Certified Professional

If you happen to visit the official website of Cloudera then there are numerous Big Data certifications available in their site. A graduate is armed with the skills required to ingest, store and analyze data in Cloudera's CDH environment.

EMC Data Scientist Associate

If you are looking to enroll in some of the best projects in your organization then EMC certification is what you should go for. After successful completion of the certification program one can create statistical models, select the appropriate data visualizations, and also deploy the Data Analytics Lifecycle.

Microsoft’s Data Management and Analytics

If you have a keen interest in learning the Microsoft Tools such as Azure and SQL Server then this certification platform is ideally suited for you. One can specialize in wide variety of Big Data platforms after successful enrollment in the course.

Certified Analytics Professional

If you some sort of relevant experience then this certification program is meant for you. The certification program consists of module such as selection of methodologies, model construction, and lifecycle management.

HPE Big Data Certifications

If you are looking for validation of HP Big Data solutions then this certification is rightly meant for you. The only criteria for pursuing this certification course is six months of experience administering, managing, and operating Vertica.

IBM Certified Solution Advisor: Big Data & Analytics V1

If you are looking to learn the basic concepts of Big Data and Analytics or are willing to identify customer requirements and suggest the best solutions then quickly enroll in this certification course and get your dreams fulfilled.

Oracle Business Intelligence

This certification program will provide gateway to Oracle’s Middleware and Java certification path. If you are looking for data visualization career or are willing to make dashboard then going for this certification program would be a right decision.

MongoDB Certified Developer Associate

One unique thing about this certification program is that one can gain the ability to manage structured and unstructured data. The certification program has a huge demand in the market.

Certificate in Engineering Excellence Big Data Analytics and Optimization

The certification program is of 4 months duration and has 10 lecture and lab courses covering big data using R and Hadoop and many other aspects of analytics such as statistics, modeling, machine learning and data mining.


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