What is big data in software testing?

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Published on 06-Apr-2018



Big data certification is the very famous certifications for the software testers in the market now. Big data is the new revolution in the market and its testing is the process that is easily split in to the basic three types of the components. When it comes to the testing of the big data the software tester basically do not have a deep knowledge of what it really matters. They only know that the testing is to be done by the help of a proper planning.

In the very rough idea the testers think that big data just means a heap of the large amount of the data but that is not right. Big data in software testing basically means the series of the number of things like the tools, method or the strategies that are needed for the purpose of the processing the high volume of the structured as well as the unstructured data. So here it is made clear that this is something that needs its expertise and hence the software testers needs to do the certification or the training in the big data to understand it properly and to excel in it.


So it is basically a three step process that could easily be explained by looking at the points that are mentioned below:-

  • The very first step involve the uploading of the initial data on to the hadoop distributed file system.
  • And then in the second step you have to simply do the execution of the map reduce operations.
  • And in then end it is the time to roll out the output results from the HDFS and you are done.

So the above mentioned steps are the steps that this process involves. Now in case you still doubt the fact that whether you have to go for doing this certification or not then you have to understand that this is the certification that is at demand for now and if you are going for doing this certification then you will definitely get all the job opportunities that you may be looking for a long time. So if you wish to stand exceptionally in this world then you have to go for it. Else you will be same person with the same competetors. In order to beat that competition, you have to go for the various big data courses for testers as well as certification and it will also help you to get a good hike in the salary so will definitely make you more stable financially and this is something that everyone desires.


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