What is Hadoop and what is big data and What is the use of Hadoop technology?

Published BY:jelana paul

Published on 14-Jul-2017


Hadoop is one of the Java-based programming structures which is used to process and store extremely large data files in a distributed computing environment. Hadoop is the part of Apache project. The Big Data is a new term which is used to gather and store large amount of data both structured and unstructured.

Big Data Hadoop makes it possible to run various applications on systems with thousands of commodity hardware nodes and to handle thousands of terabytes or petbytes of data. If you want to know where Hadoop technology used, then read this article to understand.

What is the use of Hadoop technology?

·       Hadoop can easily process and store any kind of data files such as large or small, be it binary files like images or multiple version of some particular data format. Any time you can change and analyze your Hadoop data.

·       Hadoop can easily process data across lots of servers, a big amount of data stored in the cloud which can easily search and analyze at high speed. So, Hadoop is very useful for analytics over the cloud storage due to its parallel-processing capabilities. Because Hadoop can process data across many servers, large amounts of data stored in the cloud can be searched and analyzed at high speeds.

·       There is no limit of data it may be terabytes or petabytes and Hadoop is especially designed for this purpose. If your data is very big, then don’t be tensed about that. Hadoop can easily process your any kind of data.


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