Where could I find free certification for Hadoop/big data?

Published BY:mackilin

Published on 13-Sep-2017


Big data hadoop is a Java based programming software that basically helps the users in storing their large files so that it can be used for further purposes. The large data sets can easily be saved an stored with the help of Big data hadoop. This certification is sponsored by Apache Software Foundation and operates with the Apache projects for the students who are opting for it. Therefore, people who are willing to pursue this course can easily get themselves enrolled and can go for it.

The big data versity certifications can be pursued by enrolling into it so that people can complete the whole course. Besides, there are people who are not able to find free certification for Hadoop/big data and are confused related to it. So, if people are willing to find free certification then they could just follow the below mentioned steps :

First of all the people are required to enroll for the Big data hadoop course.

  • They can enroll with the help of various suorces in several Big data universities etc.

  • once the enrollment is completed, people are required to pass the Big data examination with more than 70% of marks.

  • Students who pass the examinations will only get the certificates and will be called as a certified Big data hadoop professionals.

The big data certification cost varies from one university to another and is different for various aspects. So, people should choose the best university for themselves so that they get the best certification with overall best knowledge about the subjects.


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